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What is Product Placement and Brand Integration?

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

What is Product Placement?

Product Placement and Brand Integration, is an entertainment marketing and public relations strategy in which brands are incorporated within films, television shows, music videos, or other entertainment content to organically promote their products and services in order to reach consumers.

Product Placement is the process through which an advertiser integrates a product into selected media for clear visibility and brand awareness. Although the product is visible, it is often not the focus, as it needs to fit almost seamlessly into the context of a scene or story. There are 3 main types of placements: visual, verbal and signage.

• Visual is recognizing the product and the brand’s logo clearly while it’s onscreen.

• Verbal is when a character mentions the brand by name or discusses brand marketing points.

• Signage is when the actual product is not onscreen, but an ad or branded item is clearly visible.

Brand Integration is defined as a special type of product placement in which the advertiser’s product is central to the program’s plot line. The brand is interwoven within the script, calling out specific product functions, showcasing unique features and the product is showcased on screen to a high degree. This typically only occurs with a cash fee, media buy or significant production provisioning resulting in production savings

Product placement has become one of the most effective forms of marketing. Ad avoidance and ad skipping is at all time highs with over 41% of viewers habitually skipping or avoiding television advertisements, according to a 2017 Deloitte Study. Ad supported television is under threat with 25% of all households expected to cut the cord by 2022 (eMarketer). In addition, viewers prefer integrations over ads. The combination of ad avoidance and ad annoyance has made product placement a critical staple in the marketing toolkit.

Product placement remains a key tool for producers everywhere to fund their creations and build realistic worlds for audiences. From its humble beginnings funding soap operas in the 1930s, to the billion dollar industry it is today, product placement has fast become one of the most important ways for marketers to effectively reach audiences today.

The cultural relevance and cache that brands receive from product placement remains the biggest driver for the industry. The emergence of ad-blocking technology and consumer ad avoidance has ensured product placement will continue to grow as an essential tool for the modern marketer. Those industry trends are rapidly progressing as new, transformative AI technology creates improvements to filter, identify and surface opportunities for brands. All of these corresponding factors point to product placement only growing in the near and far future.

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