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All you need to know about Entertainment Marketing

entertainment marketing


Entertainment Marketing is a type of marketing that expands by using the entertainment industry to raise brand recognition and promote a product or service.It is advertising targeted to the medium and circumstances of the entertainment world. When we think of advertisements, we typically think of interruptions to our television shows, movies or possibly disturbing us during a game—but entertainment marketing includes the use of entertainment media content to market a product, service either by mixing content with adverts or leveraging the celebrity brand value for the promotion. There are different ways a brand can leverage the entertainment content for its marketing campaign.

When entertainment marketing serves both companies and entertainment content, this is most effective.There are several distinctions between these marketing strategies. Well-executed entertainment marketing will raise brand recognition and, as a result, monetize that interest. Indeed, entertainment marketing, like any marketing, tries to generate income, such as by driving the purchase of a pizza brand mentioned in a movie. Only a brand can be effective when brand exposure and entertainment are conducted together.

"Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart." — Joe Chernov

What is Entertainment Marketing

Entertainment marketing is marketing that employs elements from the entertainment industry to promote or sell a brand or product. It's a type of marketing that is customized to certain media and circumstances in the entertainment industry. Its goal is to foster positive links between entertainment content and brands. A successful campaign increases brand awareness as well as exposure for its entertainment vehicles, such as a celebrity, character, or film. In fact, witnessing their favorite celebrity enjoy your beverage on their favorite TV show or movie is a great way to get them interested in your product.

Few examples such as, seeing your brand's apparel on the main character in a movie or you're scrolling through social media looking for a celebrity using your device. There are several forms and avenues for entertainment marketing. It is not necessarily required to include entertainment marketing in every brand promotion, although most of the direct to consumer brands always prefer entertainment marketing, such as event sponsorship, product placement, or celebrity endorsements.. With an already engaged audience, this more active, passive kind of marketing is simpler to relate to.

“The only way to outdo, to outperform the competition is to offer something unique and something better than they have.” -Tim Soulo, Head of Marketing and Product Strategy at AHREFs

Product placement in movies
Product Placement

Types of Entertainment Marketing

Product placement

Product placement is a type of advertising wherein branded products and services are presented in movies as a part of the scenes. The brand most of the time plays an active role in the storytelling of the movie.

Celebrity Endorsement

It involves event sponsorship or endorsement with a particular celebrity, the explicit goal of marketing the brand and its products..

Brand Partnership

A brand partnership is an agreement reached between two or more firms or groups. Companies collaborate to boost brand visibility, enter new markets, and provide value to their products/services through these collaborations.


Co-promotion occurs when a real-world ad campaign coincides with the products mentioned in entertainment. You market the film, game, or television show, and it promotes your product.Co-branding is a purposeful marketing and advertising relationship between two firms in which the promotional "whole" is anticipated to be greater than the "sum" of each individual brand.

The Importance of Entertainment Marketing

Entertainment marketing occupies a unique position among other types of marketing. The majority of the time, it is a win-win situation. Aside from brand awareness and exposure, it also contributes to the finance of numerous television and film productions. For example, the creators of well-known show have openly confessed that they would not be able to create such a well-known and successful series without product placement. Furthermore, people in this period yearn for some form of amusement and thrill in their life. People want to be a part of massive concerts, see blockbusters, and watch interesting TV shows. It has simplified the task for entertainment marketers because they can now target clients organically by combining their wants and emotional connections with the things they appreciate the most. Simply, entertainment marketing sounds appealing because the title indicates that it will entertain you. Entertainment marketing has a dual purpose: it provides visibility for both the brand and the content , as well as crucial cash for film and television projects. A Coca-Cola bottle in the hands of one of the main characters of a TV sitcom or a movie star driving away in a Toyota Hybrid costs a lot of money. Many films and television series have relied on entertainment marketing to fund their productions.

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"The best marketing doesn't feel like marketing."-Tom Fishburne, marketing expert, speaker and cartoonist

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