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13 Reasons WHY An Agency Ensures Your Success in Entertainment Marketing

Like product placement, brand integartion, celebrity and influencer marketing

Anantadi provides a turnkey resource and actively seeks out entertainment marketing opportunities for our clients.

  1. Provides the effective resources without having to build a division in-house.

  2. Leverages established agency relationships and contacts.

  3. Dedicated industry contact for productions to ‘clear’ the legal usage onscreen of a product. If the production needs to hunt for a contact to approve usage, a competitive brand will typically be used.

  4. Strategic and operation experience – knowing what works, where issues may arise and how to negotiate the best terms for the brand.

  5. Provides daily on-set staff to form solid relationships and talk directly to decision makers (above the line producers, writers and directors and below the line prop masters and set decorators, etc.)

  6. Proximity to productions - ability to fulfill same day, last minute opportunities.

  7. Warehousing and detailed inventory control in order for product to maximize use of devices throughout the year.

  8. Brand knowledge, advocacy and agency leverage ensure the brand is shown in a positive light – production staff work with Hollywood Branded throughout their careers and deeply value the access to free and easily cleared product for productions.

  9. Possess the resources to get these products where they need to go seamlessly - and returned.

  10. Competitor knowledge and tracking of on screen usage through video review of all TV shows and feature films.

  11. Presentation of additional advertising and promotional partnership opportunities that can support the product placement initiative.

  12. Provide detailed tracking of on screen exposures.

  13. Provide measurement tools for product placement and brand integration.

Product placement remains a key tool for producers everywhere to fund their creations and build realistic worlds for audiences. From its humble beginnings funding soap operas in the 1930s, to the billion dollar industry it is today, product placement has fast become one of the most important ways for marketers to effectively reach audiences today.

The cultural relevance and cache that brands receive from product placement remains the biggest driver for the industry. The emergence of ad-blocking technology and consumer ad avoidance has ensured product placement will continue to grow as an essential tool for the modern marketer. Those industry trends are rapidly progressing as new, transformative AI technology creates improvements to filter, identify and surface opportunities for brands. All of these corresponding factors point to product placement only growing in the near and far future.

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