Be the part of the entertainment, people love to engage with.

"Reach where traditional and digital advertising won't"

We firmly believe that today's consumers want uninterrupted viewing experience. By bringing brands, content, celebrities together makes storytelling more engaging, seamless, and authentic. And we have the experience to make that happen over last 10 Years.

  • Non interruptive advertising solution for brands

  • New revenue source for content creators

  • Uninterrupted and engaging viewing experience for consumers



  1. Digital Product Placement

  2. Brand integrations

  3. Co-branded Promotions

  4. Productions branded

  5. Celebrity endorsement

  6. Influencer Marketing

ANANTADI (division of - Roadside Entertainment) has been involved in the usage of unconventional media and very specific product placement and co-branded associations in movies, web series, and influencers content. We have been consistently providing visibility and promising ROI to our clients. We have worked with a spectrum of clients across various sectors like telecom, fashion, retail, automobile, and others. Our strengths lie in understanding the need analysis of brands and suggesting the right content to optimize visibility.